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Jenny Murphy
Reiki Healing & Training
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Jenny Murphy

I have spent the last 2 decades in private practice as an intuitive healer and Angelic Reiki Trainer, working with clients and people from all walks of life, using a personalised client centred (w)holistic approach to achieve the healing outcome for the client.  I have trained extensively and now specialise in Usui Reiki Healing system, with a background in Seichem Healing system, Angel Therapy, Mindfulness based CBT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Psychotherapy & Regression Therapy.  

I run trainings in all levels of Reiki energy and Angelic Healing systems, I love passing on the knowledge of this ancient healing system, learning to use  the  psychology of the chakras as a road map into understanding the fundamentals of you ~ the energy being..  The chakras, holding our stories, our life experiences, good and bad,  are reflected in the condition and functioning of the chakra system, which make up the biofield  (the energy field that surrounds and permeates your body)  

Through the practice of Reiki – Rei meaning (universal or divine) Ki meaning energy or life force, we learn a healing system for mind, body spirt and soul. 

Reiki self-practice, we create wellbeing by counterbalancing the negative effects of stress, we learn to navigate through the processes of life, in pursuit of the meaning of what our life path holds for us, discover our Soul purpose, the true nature of our spiritual aspect.  Chakras, the energy keys that open us to our full potential, the provider of many answers into who we really are, what blocks us, what we truly desire and where we are going in life.  

If you would like to join this Reiki community and develop your own self practice, I invite you to join our Vibe Tribe for up and coming workshops in Angelic light work, Reiki Healing training, Spiritual Development, Soul to Soul workshops, develop awareness of the higher self, our Soul purpose, Manifesting our best life and to pass on the tools for everyday positive wellbeing that enhance our soul journey and to share our light with those around us.

Namaste   Jenny 

“Everything is Energy and that’s all there is to it – that is not philosophy. This is physics “Albert Einstein

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