Mum & Baby Yoga Nurture with Gill

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Studio 3 Naas

Classes suit 10 weeks to crawling

Taught by Gillian

Contact: 0872727361

Instagram: @labouroflovenaas 


Gillian has been teaching Yoga for over 17years and has 2 daughters & attended Mum&baby classes after both pregnancies so knows how important these early postnatal classes are for Mum&baby. Gillian also trained in Pilates and Callanetics so integrates low impact and safe exercises and tips in all her classes .

“Giving Birth transforms women’s lives in profound and often unexpected ways. Although each experience is different, motherhood requires a new integration of physical & emotional well being. The flow of breath in yoga opens a steady calm path in the midst of all the emotions and changes that new mums inevitably go through”.

These classes are specially designed for new mums who want to join a class where they can connect & bond with their new baby & stretch and connect to their own needs too.

This class is a great way to bond with your new baby but also a great way to meet with new mums and share tips and stories.

Yoga after the birth of your baby brings health and a feeling of lightness into every level – Physically /Emotionally /Mentally & Spiritually . 
Regular practice will quickly increase your overall health and fitness. You will grow stronger, more confident, calmer and better able to nurture Your Baby and You.

Mum&baby Nurture Yoga benefit include:

 *Connect & Bond with Baby

* Learn easy home routine to do with Baby

*Stretch and deeply release Neck, shoulders and spine for Mums

*Improved Posture 

*Deep Relaxation tools and tips

*Inner Balance

*Connect to Pelvic floor and Core muscles safely with easy and appropriate exercises to do at home 

*Connect and socialise with other local mums

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