Natural Facial

Relaxing treatment which includes cleansing & toning using natural products and aromatic waters. A clay face mask is applied while you enjoy a head massage and a face massage when the mask is removed.

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Phone: 087 9812420

Sinead’s Background 

Sinead has a background in Finance, after working many years for a large company she was looking for a change and took an opportunity to scale back so she could pursue a more rewarding path in alternative healing modalities.

After experiencing the beautiful healing sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls Sinead was drawn to learn more about the benefits of sound and vibration. In 2016 she began training as an Integral Sound Healing Practitioner with the Sound Healing Academy and completed the qualification in 2017.  Sinead enjoys working with her many instruments but feels a deep connection with quartz crystal singing bowls, it is her intention to share the healing benefits of all these beautiful instruments. 

Sinead enjoys spending time in nature, yoga, reading and learning about metaphysics, shamanism, astrology, coaching and self-help. she is committed to her own personal development journey and believes change starts within. 

Sinead is a certified life coach and holds a diploma in sound healing and Indian head massage.  She is available for one to one session’s in sound healing or Indian head massage and for private group sound healing sessions.

Sinead’s hosts monthly sound baths at Studio3, during which you are bathed in healing vibrations from gongs, crystal & Tibetan bowls, drums and voice, helping you achieve a deep state of relaxation and allowing the body to move into a process of self-healing. She sometimes includes a blend of chanting and meditation to create a unique sound experience. 

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