Hypnobirthing is a complete birth preparation course providing you with the knowledge and tools needed for an empowering experience. As well as learning about the physical and hormonal changes during labour, the course also focuses on the mind and how to use this to help with relaxation during labour. 

Áine is a self employed community midwife and a member of the community midwives association. She has experience practicing midwifery here in Ireland, the UK and Abu Dhabi. She is qualified to provide care using aromatherapy in labour and a trained hypnobirthing instructor. Áine will be running hypnobirthing courses in Studio 3 once a month.

You can find more information on Áine’s website: http://www.ahmidwifery.com

You can also find more information on her Facebook @ahmidwifery or contact her on (085)7297529

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